Want to learn English? Want to have a lot of fun while doing it? Then come and Study in Ireland in a Secondary School in Cork, and join the many other students of your age who are having the experience of a lifetime and learning English at the same time.

Our programme encourages you to experience complete immersion in Ireland and the English language. You will live with a fantastic host family who will treat you like one of their own, while also giving you the freedom you need to take those first steps towards independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Secondary School offers the official Irish curriculum with plenty of extra-curricular activities, such as sports, day trips and arts. There are sports facilities on the school grounds and a career guidance counselor will help you to decide what subjects are best for you. The school is in close proximity to the host family, and has an excellent reputation. Most graduates from this school proceed to university.

While you are concentrating on the fun social and academic aspects of your experience, we will organise your accommodation with one of our great host families as well as your school registration and other practicalities.

Studying in Ireland will not only improve your English, it will enrich your life on a personal level as you learn to network and communicate in a completely new culture . You’ll be more confident and your time in Ireland will ensure that using English becomes second nature for you as you communicate your ideas and hold conversations like you would do in your native tongue. You will be mixing with students from all over the world and this will give you a good introduction to cultural differences and diversity. Studying here will also help you prepare for a working life in our global economy. Being fluent in English improves your future job prospects throughout Europe where English is the dominant business language.

Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture and Cork is a vibrant city which attracts young people from all over the world. It boasts multicultural art festivals and events the whole year round. The Irish are a most hospitable and friendly people who have embraced modernisation over recent decades without sacrificing their sense of tradition.

If you would like to broaden your horizons on a cultural, linguistic, and fun social level and you are ready to take your first steps to independence, then this is the Programme for you.



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