CLS02 - Summer English & Golf

This Course offers the same language tuition as our CLS01 Course with three afternoons per week Golf with a PGA Golf Professional based at Cobh Golf Club.

Ireland, the home of International players from Harrington to McIlroy, is the place to learn and excel at Golf.

At Cobh Golf Club tuition group sessions will last for 90 minutes per day. 

Golf clubs, shoes, balls etc. will be provided free of charge.

Golf tuition will vary between the Golf Range and the Golf Course, depending on the level and ability of the student.

Students will be brought to Cobh Golf Club each day by private coach.



Class Content

Teachers teach as a team to ensure material is not repeated.

Class content includes: Reading, writing, listening, speaking, conversation and grammar. Options also include teaching songs and poetry for phonetics in practice, participation in short drama and writing a short article for a student’s magazine. Students have an exam at the beginning of each session to assess their standard of English and they are then placed in an appropriate class level.Sets of modern text books are available at the discretion of each teacher who uses them in conjunction with their own repertoire of other teaching materials. 

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